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ImgBurn vs. Windows - Burning DVDs

It didn't get easy to burn discs from Windows until XP. Sending something to disc is relatively easy. Highlight one or more files or folders, right click, send to disc. In Windows 7 it's more or less the same thing.

ImgBurn is something that's been around since 2005, but I didn't start using it regularly until '08 or '09.

As far as which is the better burning program, it's ImgBurn hands down. It burns discs far more reliably than the Windows way of doing it. Most people know ImgBurn as a utility just to make ISOs, but it also does regular burning as well, and it does it darned good too.

I'll put it to you this way: If you've ever burned a disc in Windows, then tried to read the disc 5 minutes later and it didn't work, it's most likely not the media's fault. Windows messed it up for some reason because it didn't finalize the disc properly. ImgBurn on the other hand always finalizes properly, and if it doesn't, then yes, it's the disc's fault at that point (or the drive itself in rare instances).

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