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new look and a crapload of updates

MdN change-up

It's that time again. What time? The time where I change around the design of my site. Everything is still where it was, don't worry. Other than the look, the only difference navigation-wise is that the links are now on the right side.

This is more of a "muted" look. The photo at the top is a pic I took of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge some months back when I first moved to Florida.

By the way, if the site looks screwed up, just hit F5 on your keyboard to reload. It'll work. Trust me. 🙂


I took a friend out for Valentine's Day. It went very well. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's. Note to the masses: Ruby's is awesome. Chili's SUCKS. This particular Ruby's was in Clearwater. Nice place. Definitely the classiest once I've been in - and I've been in a few. Some are no better than eating at Denny's, but this one is far above par. My only complaint is that condiments were nowhere to be found and I had to ask for them, however the server brought them over very quickly, so good deal there.

explanation for lack of updates

I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do because my computer has been performing some serious video editing all this week. I obviously can't blog whilst doing that, so.. there's my excuse.

So here's what's been going on aside from what I mentioned above:

(Small note - I very rarely write about someone I know personally on my own site for various reasons, but I'll make an exception this time 'round.)

The girl I was with is not my girlfriend any longer. We were, but I decided to stop that. Yes, me. I was the bad guy. However, we patched things up and we're now good friends (hence the reason I took her out for v-day). She's an awesome girl and has all my love. To those who are the super-nosy type (and admit it, you are), no, I am not looking for anyone else. I've made the decision that the best thing for me at this time in my life is friends over "serious" relationships. So no, I'm not whoring around Tampa. Or anywhere else for that matter.

True, I make this sound very simplified, but there are actually many many many details as to why I want friends-only. She knows why (which is what counts), but I don't feel the need to spill my guts all over the internet about it.

I'll just say that she forces me to be brutally honest. Sometimes it hurts, but maybe it's a soul-cleanser that needed to happen. When she's not dragging out my thoughts (said with love), she's a very pretty princess the rest of the time. 🙂

In case you're wondering why I have no photos or her and I, it's because I forgot my camera back at my apartment before we headed out to dinner.

But I'll get 'em. Not to worry. It'll happen soon enough. 🙂

projects on the horizon

Two books, which are just ideas at this point, are on the table for future release. The Alesis Fusion PowerStart Guide has been doing much better than I thought it would. It makes me very happy that people are finding it informative and easy to follow.

The first new book will be for home studio recording techniques. People over the years have marveled at how I'm able to get such stellar sound from such a minimal setup. Well, I'll let you in on all my studio secrets. Every one of them either costs next to nothing (or free), and are super-easy to do. I'm going to cover everything from recording vocals, drum kits, synths, amps, multitrack tweaking and everything in between.

The second book will be about television advertising (both for cable and otherwise). Can't say much about it at this point, but if you've ever wanted to know everything there is to advertising on television - this book will lay out everything, as in cost. The age-old question HOW MUCH IS IT? will be answered with real-world figures and multiple scenarios to maximize return-on-investment and all that other good stuff.

music project on the horizon

There are two possibilities for my next music release. It will either be another electronica thing, or orchestral based. Probably orchestral. Been messing around with the orch stuff on the Fusion and I really dig it, so.. maybe I'll go with that. Once finished (whenever that happens), I'll post an update here and on [edit: Domain I used to own].

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