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ode to computer mouse

My computer mouse is an ancient Logitech USB based wired thing. If I remember correctly I bought it well over five years ago.

It's finally starting to kick the bucket. The left-click button is starting to double-click for no reason. It still works but is becoming harder and harder to use.

In all my years of using computer stuff, nothing has performed better than my plain ol' Logitech mouse. To give you an indication of how old it is, I bought it in a Wal-Mart in Putnam Connecticut. Yeah. That long ago. 🙂

I'm hoping they still make 'em like the one I have. I'm also hoping Wal-Mart carries them.

Long ago I learned that no one makes mice better than Logitech. Even the dirt cheap ones outlast everything else. If you want a mouse that just feels right and works, you can't go wrong with Logitech.

I'll be picking up a new one later today.

-- update --

I was wrong. There are mice made by Logitech that suck. I bought one and promptly returned it a few hours later. I'm going to try another brand this time 'round.


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