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I dropped my website link on my okc page so I'm wondering if I'll get any traffic from that. I noticed that other people were dropping web site links for themselves on their okc pages so I figured I'd do it myself. If they can do it, I can do it. So there.

I'm listening to Brent Simon's podcast on the earphones right now as I write this. As many have said, Brent has "mad" keyboard skills, and yeah he's pretty good at it. I only wish he'd mention what kind of synth he uses on his site somewhere. You can't really tell from the Brentumentary. I think I'll drop the guy an e-mail and ask because his music stuff is really "synthy" sounding and I like that stuff.

The only thing I hate about the podcast is that the girl who recorded it did an unbelievably bad job. Her questions were fine, her hosting was fine, but it was the recording itself that sucked. Her voice constantly distorted and sounded like crap. Other than that it's good.

Tomorrow may be a picture taking day. Depends on my mood. I screwed up a few days ago and dropped my digital camera. It still works, but the battery cover only sorta/kinda works now. However it works well enough so I can still snap a photo or three.

I have got to find some other camera-bug people around the area. There must be a few somewheres...

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