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our lady of the bathtub

Two days ago, a tornado ripped thru an area about fifty miles northwest of Orlando.

In other words, NOWHERE NEAR ME.

But the news on CNN sure made it look like the entire Tampa Bay region got destroyed.

Trust me, it didn't. There were no cows flying thru the air or anything like that.

Two people contacted me wondering if I was okay. It was very nice that they did, but I was like "Wha..?" because the news made it look like half the state was destroyed. Um... no. 🙂

Last night I chatted on instant messenger with a girl for over six hours. Haven't done that in.. wow I'm dating myself here.. probably six or seven years. It was great, I liked it a lot, and she's local. Local is good. We chatted about.. everything. Even my fish. And since she said I could blog this, I'm going to:

if you look like bob when kissing you are doing it wrong

No argument there. 🙂

Some other stuff we talked about were the churches in New England. Whether you practice a faith or not, many stone churches are architectural wonders.

A joke Pop said years ago that I still find funny to this day is "Our Lady Of The Bathtub". This is one of those New-Englander-only jokes because if you look around the churches up that way, there's always a Virgin Mary statue somewhere that looks like she's standing in the middle of a bathtub. Sometimes there's water, sometimes there isn't, but the tub is always there.

You use the phrase when you're trying to give directions somewhere but forgot the name of the church:

Head up the street and hang a left right after Our Lady of the Bathtub.

If you really want to go all out, you can say "Our Blessed Lady of the Holy Bathtub".

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