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pop is an awesome dude

I am mad. Mad mad mad mad mad. Not insane-type type. Mad like ticked off mad.

I don't like being mad.

Called Pop. He said to come over since I'm mad. So I'm doing that.

No, I'm not mad about the wedding I went to today. That event was quite lovely even though it rained today. What I'm mad about happened after the wedding, and being that no one really gives a crap about personal crap like that - I'll just leave it at that.

I am going to 7-Eleven, get me some fattening Taquitos, arm myself with a few Monster LO-CARB sodas, and then I'm a-headin' north where I will arrive at Pop's, rot my brain on many hours of bad cable television and then head back tomorrow.

Then I will be better.

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