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so i noticed. . .

I've video'd myself playing enough times to where it becomes second nature to me, but there are certain times when I watch videos that I encounter surreal moments. The above video is one of those times.

As a kid, I used to see "cool" guitarists either in person or on VHS tape and said thought to myself, "One of these days, I'm gonna be able to play just like that." Well, now I can, and when I watch myself playing, the surreal thing happens when I actually think I'm watching someone else and think that maybe someday I could play riffs like that. Nope. It's me.

Yeah, I know, it sounds conceited but believe me, it's not. When you get to a level of playing you never thought you could, video yourself doing it and then think, "Wow. Not bad!", that's pretty awesome - especially considering I'm my own worst critic. 🙂

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