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splashes, the run, 2 gigs

There's going to be a crapload of redistributed Garmin nĂ¼vi/StreetPilot splash screens appearing on this site soon. I called it redistributed because they're currently in something I call a "superpack" but they're going to be separated into individual downloads to cater to specific vehicle owners. I'm about half way thru the list of manufacturers so far and it's been a long tedious process, but the end result will be pretty good I think.

. . .

I found a movie on sale at f.y.e., The Cannonball Run. It was priced right at $8.99 so I bought it. Originally I was looking for The Gumball Rally but that's never available, so this one will do.

Generally speaking people hate these movies because they're all about cars and are filled with dorky humor, but hey it's a cool flick. At least to me it is.

Factoid of the moment that I didn't know until I started watching this: Jackie Chan is in this movie as the Subaru driver. I kid you not. I had no idea he was featured in American films as far back as 1981 when this was released. In fact I think (but not sure) that The Cannonball Run was his first US film debut where he could actually be seen and recognized. While it's true he was in the 1973 release of Enter The Dragon, he had a really small part and he was uncredited as well, so you'd never know he was in there.

. . .

At Wal-Mart they were having a sale on Sandisk 2GB USB sticks. I bought one. After tax it was just a hair over 13 bucks. It came preloaded with this U3 crap. Needless to say that didn't last long and I formatted the stick. Good thing I did too because U3 is known to be absolute garbage.

Complaint: The indicator light on this stick is large, orange and annoying. Other than that it works great. But I wish the light was green or blue.

For kicks I used UNetbootin and installed a live copy of Linux Mint on it. Worked like a charm. Rock on. I basically bought the stick so I could try out the whole "screw the CD" method of running Linux. And yeah, it works. Works really well actually.

I honestly can't believe how cheap flash memory is now. I can remember not-so long ago when a 1GB stick was well over $100.

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