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"here's a quick video"

Something that's plagued YouTube ever since it started are people who say "here's a quick video." If that is said at the beginning of the video, it is guaranteed the video will be long.

The maximum time a video can be to be qualified as quick is 2 minutes. If it's over 2 minutes, it's not quick.

I have actually seen videos start with "here's a quick update" and the video is TEN MINUTES LONG or longer. Yes, this happens a lot.

An interesting fact, along with some irony: Most people post YouTube videos that have a running time of 3 to 7 minutes, but the "quick" videos are always longer. Funny how that works.

Another thing people do (also mentioned in the above video) is "as you can see." And yes, I am guilty of saying this in a few of my own videos.

There is literally no reason to ever say "as you can see" in any video ever because nobody needs to be told they are seeing something in a video. Why? Because the video is being watched, so OF COURSE the viewer is seeing whatever is being presented.

"As you can see" is nothing but useless filler. It does not move the video along but rather slows it down, because it never needed to be said in the first place.

Here are a few other classic YouTube blunders.

The 30-second intro

There are those who "introduce" their video with absolutely useless 30-second intros. It's always some Windows Movie Maker or iMovie bullshit animated text that totally does not need to be there, and is usually followed by "[Insert Stupid Name Here] Productions".

NOBODY watching a YouTube video wants to see a stupid intro. But people put them in there anyway because they think it's "cool." No, not cool. Very annoying, in fact. Every time I see one I skip right past it because it is, yet again, useless filler.

Do my title cards count as intros? No, because it's a static (meaning non-animated) title card. Using a title card is fine as long as it is SHORT.

"Thank you for watching" credits

Once again, more useless filler.

This crap is seen at the tail of a video. Not only is the viewer subjected to a useless intro, but is annoyed yet again at the tail with needless credits.

Talking about stuff absolutely nobody gives a crap about

"Thanks to my subscribers!" Nobody cares.

"I got a new camera!" Let me guess. The video isn't a review about the camera at all, and you're just blabbing about it because... well, you have no reason other than to say you got one. Nobody cares.

"I got a new microphone!" Same as the camera. Nobody cares.

"Sorry I haven't made a video in a while..." Nobody cares.

While there are no real rules to making videos, there is one thing you should always do:


It is not difficult to find videos where people just waffle, waffle, waffle and take forever to get to the point.

And what is the point? Whatever the title of the video states.

For example, I watched this video the other day that was 42 minutes long. Did I watch all 42 minutes? No. I watched about 2 or 3 minutes before I said screw it and didn't bother with the rest. The video's title had "how to" in it, which was supposed to instruct me how to do something, and this jackass simply would not get to the point. He laughed, he joked, he laughed, he joked again, he digressed into something totally different, he laughed, he joked....

Then I started jumping ahead to see if he ever got to the point. I couldn't get that answer, so I said screw it and left.

If you don't get to the point, you're an asshole and wasting not only my time but the time of everyone else who watches the video.

The best thing you can do for any video you ever post on YouTube is to get to the point. Don't waffle, don't blah-blah-blah, don't joke around, don't digress, don't do any of that shit. Just get to the point. Always.

** Tip: Your guitar cable is crappy. Replace it.