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There were three places that I lived in Connecticut. The first was Killingly, the second Woodstock and the third Ballouville. It was Ballouville that I lived in the longest, totaling almost 17 years give or take a few months from 1989 to 2006.

There were two things Ballouville was known for. Christmas Wonderland, which closed in 2002 and the Ballouville Post Office, which will also be closed soon. Probably before the end of 2011.

Below are photos I received of the place from a friend.





The closing of this post office is yet another part of my childhood that's going away and not coming back...

...however this is not necessarily something I'd want to come back once it goes away.

It's a weird thing

The 06233 post office is not exactly what we'd call a Rosebud, but it's something of a bygone era that isn't bygone yet should be - and that's just weird.

The USPS has problems and they've lost a ton of money for various reasons, but there are a few inescapable facts.

First, the USPS basically ignored the internet for the longest time. Big mistake. They, like several other industries, thought the internet was just going to be a fad. Obviously, it wasn't.

Second, the USPS was may too lenient with local businesses, making it too easy to flood peoples mailboxes with mountains of junk. It's easy money for the USPS, but it ticks everybody off who receives it. These spammy businesses greenwash themselves saying they print on only recycled paper and that it's a-okay. No, not a-okay, bucko, because you're still polluting my mailbox with crap I don't want, will never read and instantly gets tossed in the trash, so you're not doing the environment any favors.

Third, people just don't send letters like they used to.

Nobody sends or receives handwritten letters in the mail anymore. And why would we bother when sending a text message or email is faster and more efficient?

Nobody likes to receive letters at all. Packages, yes, but not letters. Why? Because the letters are nothing but ads and bills, in that order.

Postal mail simply gets in the way of life. With email, everything is laid out in a system that's fast, efficient, searchable, easy-to-manage, readable (important), forward-able, you're able to send to multiple recipients and the list goes on and on. When you compare that to postal mail.. I mean, c'mon. Seriously.


I see postal mail the same way I do a rotary phone. It may work, but it's slow, feature-less and annoying to use. And while sending and receiving letters in the mail may be nostalgic for some, the amount of effort it takes compared to sending a quick text message or an email doesn't really make it worth the bother.

Unless something better comes along, I'll always prefer email over postal mail.

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