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15 years = nothing?

This morning my pop gave me some (possible) bad news. At the place where he works he might be transferred to a different store.

To most people this would not ordinarily be bad news, but it is for my pop, here's why:

My pop has been working in retail at one company for the last 15 years. I won't say which company it is - but anyone who knows me knows where my pop works. He has always showed up to work on time and usually works late. He constantly puts in extra hours. He has volunteered to work (even on planned-ahead days off) when called upon. Working 7-day weeks is not uncommon for him, even today. Heck, he's even loaned his truck to his boss more times than I can count just to be a nice guy. And yeah, he's a nice guy. He's that type of person.

In addition to the above, he has kept his sales record "in the green" on a regular basis. He has been recognized as the leading seller in the store (and sometimes the district) several times. He has a proven track record of sales success and reliability. Everyone likes him and he has no ememies.

He has but one knock against him: age. He's 69 years old.

This transfer to another store could be the beginning of the end of his career. It will double his commute to work. Depending on which store he is transferred to, he may have to pay extra taxes every year if transferred out of state. It is without a question of a doubt that a transfer would cause him to lose money.

Throughout the years, the company my pop has worked for all this time has undergone some massive changes. The products have changed, but at the end of the day selling is selling. Either you sell or you don't - and he has been selling regardless of company changes in the product line.

Evidently a rock-solid employee who shows up early, works late, has proven reliability in sales and repeat customers, not to mention 15+ years with the company means absolutely nothing. In the corporate world an old man is an old man, seen as a burden that can be tossed aside like yesterday's newspaper.

Ashamedly I can admit that my pop's age does annoy me sometimes, but, I absolutely would not toss him aside. He is a solid good worker. The customers he serves truly appreciate him. His sales record has been proven time and time again. But I suppose in the modern world that means nothing.

This whole 'transfer' thing basically means one thing: They're trying to make him quit. Of course, they can't fire him because they have no real reason to other than age (which would be illegal). It's not like he's a bad employee. It's not as if he's not making his numbers. The reason they want him to leave is because he's old. It doesn't matter if he breaks sales records left and right. It doesn't matter how many hours he puts in. It doesn't matter how many 7-day weeks he works. It means nothing.


On the brighter side, maybe (just maybe) this summer we'll be able to sell the house which will allow him to pay off his mortgage and also allow him to purchase another home in the clear (as in buy outright). That was the plan last year but it didn't work out.

Backstory on that: Last year it was decided that the house should be sold so he can pay off the mortgage and then purchase a smaller house (all up front) to live out the rest of his days with no mortgage payment. With the Social Security my pop gets, he would be able to live comfortably if there were no mortgage payment.

So.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this summer that someone will buy the house for the price asked. If that happens, everything would be a whole lot better.

If anyone has an eye for a ranch-style house on a 7-acre plot with all the privacy you could ever want for $240,000 (which is what it's worth), let me know. (grin) My contact info is on this page. Prospective buyers should e-mail.

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