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Sick of banners

There are a few sites I visit (gaming sites mostly,) that are on those 'free' web space providers. The 'free' means that you are forced to have banner ads at the top of your web pages.

To anyone who has one of these, for the love of God spend some CASH and get a regular host with no banners.. pleeeeezzzz.. those ads are SO annoying. Go and get an ArisHost account - it's 30 bucks FOR THE YEAR. Yeah, 30 bucks a YEAR. Anyone can afford that.

So if you have one of those banner'd sites - get off your lazy duff and spend the (oh my God) 30 bucks. Your site visitors will thank you immensely for it. (grin)

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Blue is blue

Okay.. blog's redesigned. Now the blue template is the only one that remains. Yeah I know, this will sadden a view, it was neat to have all those color choices.. but it was a big hassle to maintain(!!) So the blue will stay. 'Tis my favorate ya know. (grin)


The blog is going to look a little messed up until I'm done redesigning it.. that whole css select thing was turning into a monster, so I'm going to go with a one-style setup. 😉

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