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Firefly delight

It's kind of interesting how something as simple as a bug can make one feel better. I just got back from a small shopping trip, got out of my truck, and at the edge of the yard was a patch of fireflies in the brush. I counted around 20 or so that I could see. They were flying around, minding their own business, and I wasn't about to disturb them. The small flashes of light looked beautiful and calming.

I take this as a good sign. I haven't seen a patch of fireflies in years. It was nice to see them again. They reminded me of my childhood when things were a lot simpler and a lot happier. Maybe good times are coming around again real soon.

3/4 mil guitar?

A Fender Stratocaster guitar originally bought and played by Jimi Hendrix was put up for eBay auction at (get this).. $750,000.00. No lie. To my delight, not a SINGLE PERSON bid on it. I am SO happy that the public realizes that there is no such thing as a guitar that is truly (note the word "truly" there) worth 3/4 million. What would this guitar be actually worth? Nowhere near 3/4 mil, that's for sure.

I also loved what happened in the Q/A section of this auction. The store who put it up for bid got PANNED like crazy for putting this thing up for such a RIDICULOUS price.

Up for grabs

There is now a "for sale" sign at the foot of the driveway. The house is now officially for sale again. Kat was mentioning to me recently that the next big positive (hopefully) event is going to happen on July 6th. Why July 6th? She told me but I forgot. (doh!) Has to do something with the moon I think.

My thoughts and prayers are directed towards the sale of this house. It is high time to go, no doubt about that. I have been trying to get outa here for several years now. Something always gets in the way - and it's always fiscal. The last time I tried to go (which was not too long ago,) no bank was willing to play nice with me.. so.. I had to try another route. The sale of this house is that other route.

To my friends, wish me luck.. I'll need all I can get.

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