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Looks like a notepad.... sorta

I just changed the templates for my blog and went with a notepad lookin' thing. Everything is in a typewriter style font too (scratched that idea.) Looks cool. It's different; kinda like pages you would see back in the late 90's. What can I say, I'm old school. 🙂

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The pupil becomes the teacher

Pop has been having issues figuring out his Garmin StreetPilot 2720, citing that the "manual sucks". Right.

I had him take the 2720 out of his truck and place it right next to my c340 in my truck. I told him to pick a location and he can learn it as he goes along riding shotgun. I figured this way he could learn it better considering he wasn't the one doing the driving.

I turned the volume on my c340 and let him do his thing, giving pointers along the way. I think he's got the hang of it now.

I didn't particularly like the 2720's display. I like my c340's much better. Just seems more clear.

POI's for DL

I just made some POI's which are on the main site. I did some Wal-Marts in CT, baseball fields and NASCAR tracks. When I was doing them I thought that maybe some people out there would be interested in getting them. I dunno. They're there.

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