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64-bit flash elicits "eh, whatever" response from me

Decided to get a little brave and installed a "Preview Release" version of Flash for 64-bit Internet Explorer 8 - but just IE8 because, well, I have no other 64-bit web browsers so there was no need to download the "other browser" version.

Here's the skinny on 64-bit Flash:

Um.. it works, but there's really not much else that's really groundbreaking about it. I can now do Flash stuff in 64-bit IE8. The Task Manager shows an ActiveX-specific "container" program whenever Flash runs, however I did notice that program stays running even after the browser is closed. Not a big deal I guess since it's just a PR version. Were this an actual release however I'd be ticked off at that because I can stand software that doesn't close when you, y'know, close it.

Performance is the same between 32 and 64. I saw no improvement nor did I see anything slow down, so.. eh, whatever. I'm keeping it installed for the time being so I can at least do Flash stuff in IE8 64-bit when I need to.

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