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As my last post illustrated in grand fashion, if what you write touches a nerve with someone whereas they identify with it, they instantly think it's about them, especially if you use the word "you".

If I wrote "You stink like a colostomy bag", would the reader think "Rich thinks I stink?". Would that reader then do the standard sniff-the-pits test? After that would the reader shower, then think "Ha! I don't stink now."

One can only wonder.

There was a minor goof in the forum where I deleted the admin e-mail address by mistake (oops). Registrations weren't going thru, but now they are.

Carry on. 🙂

Tomorrow is the day I move the treadmill from hither to dither (from Inverness to Tampa). I was going to do it today but said fuggit.. tomorrow's better. 🙂

My boss is getting married very soon, so I wanted to take the opportunity here to wish him the best. He and his soon-to-be wife get along very well, so it looks like a good match for the record books. 🙂

For all I know, in the next few years we might be neighbors, or at least living in the same town. (Keep reading...)

After examining the market, I think '07 is going to be the year I attempt to be a first-time homeowner. Being that I wish to stay in southern Tampa Bay, Clearwater Florida is looking really, really nice. It's got enough things going on so you can stay busy, but at the same time isn't as fast-paced as Tampa is.

My boss wants a big house. Something like 2000 square feet if I remember correctly. Some people don't think that's big. I think it's huge. For those that remember where I used to live in Dayville Connecticut, that house was 1200 square feet; more than enough for my needs.

I had really long conversation with my Pop (who at this point has tons of experience with home buying) about what to check for when I decide to start shopping in '07. Check the roof, door frames, windows, electric, blah blah blah. It's just a very involved process.

But I look forward to the challenge. If I plan this out right, I should get something I really like. Yee-haw. 🙂

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