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am i lying? - blog edition - answers

This is the follow-up to the original article with the questions.

1. TRUE.

I was driving back home with Pop as passenger one day. It was Spring right after the snow melted outside and the ground was dry, however there was still sand left over from the plow trucks. I took a corner, tried to turn left, that didn't work and we plowed into the woods. Nothing was hit and the only thing damaged was my ego.


I lost my virginity at 17.


I have never been to California.

4. TRUE.

I broke the rule of "never date anyone from work", and learned why you don't do that.


I have never farted in a church.

6. TRUE.

My music has appeared in 3 video game titles. They're not titles you've never heard of but they did happen. The titles were Wild 8's, Wild Apes and Strip Poker by Merit Industries.

7. TRUE.

Lesson learned. Do not have sex in the living room.

8. TRUE.

Yes, it did happen.


Never have I cheated on a girl.

10. FALSE.

I don't drink.

11. TRUE.

I have never broken a bone or had measles, mumps or chicken pox. And I literally do not know what the inside of an E/R looks like.

12. TRUE.

It happened when I owned my '94 Blazer. I have never locked myself out since. It takes only once to learn this. 🙂

13. TRUE.

I don't have cable TV. Rarely do I watch any broadcast television and the vast majority of the time I only watch movies on DVD.

14. FALSE.

I am the age I say I am.

15. FALSE.

I hate country music.

16. TRUE.

My father was a gun dealer for many years and I have fired several different types of guns. But yes, I am afraid of them. As my father says, "That means you have respect for the weapon." Yes, I do.

17. TRUE.

Yes I took Judo classes. And I completely sucked at it.

18. TRUE.

I once saw him wrestle at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut and did shake his hand after the match.

19. TRUE.

Before I started playing keyboards I played the trumpet. It didn't last long and I gave it up.

20. FALSE.

I sometimes forget times tables I'm so bad at math. Sad but true.


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