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another stomping grounds tale

I got an e-mail from long-time friend Ben who still lives in the same town I used to. Part of his e-mail said this:

Not much new here, just workin 2 jobs now tryin to keep ahead of the rat race! You got out of here at a good time, things are getting ugly up here. People are trying to sell anything they got of value.

The rest of the e-mail was upbeat but it was the part mentioned above that really got me because he said this without me having to ask.

I plan on visiting the stomping grounds in September or October of this year, finances permitting. I expect that not much will have changed. Granted, some new businesses have popped up but the real core of the region is in the residential areas. In some places you'd swear that time stopped decades ago.

From the outside the stomping grounds appears to be a nice quaint little set of towns, but it's only living there do you truly experience how much the place can suck.

I'll put it to you this way: Ben is a homeowner and makes good money. He absolutely should not have to work 2 jobs just to stay ahead but is forced to because of the area he lives in.

And that's just plain wrong.

On a final note, I've heard from more than a few Florida locals that the living here is expensive. There are times I have to hold back a chuckle when I hear this, thinking to myself If you only knew how good you have it here. Why don't you try living in Connecticut? You'll come running back to Florida.

I'm not kidding. I seriously doubt any Florida native could survive 90 days not just in Connecticut but anywhere in New England. Take it from me, you're fine right where you are.

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