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another stroll down amnesia lane

On MySpace (of course) I happened to come across a band that used to play local festivals at my old stomping grounds. They always got the best gigs. For several years this band was the hottest ticket in town. All local bands hated them but wanted to be them because they got all the chicks. They had a professional sound guy, lighting rig and the best equipment compared to any other band around.

I was fifteen years old and I thought these guys were gods.





Fast forward to present.

That MySpace page I found is a "reunion" page of that same band. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.

Upon looking at the videos posted and the photos, I realized a few things.

These guys were never gods.

They were a better-than-average bar band that did butchered versions of cover songs and stale original songs.

The only reason they looked cool is because they dressed the part of what an 80's band should look like (even though it was in the 90's). And, of course, the strobe lights and fog machines helped out quite a bit.

Their sound was - and still is - flat and weak. It was polished and perfected to the point of being transparent.


Bar bands play where cheap beer flows and mullets fly. Places where you hear "PLAY SOME SKYNYRD, MAN!" can be heard routinely - and the person shouting it meant it.

Bands like this are living relics. Were they not playing local dives, they'd be playing weddings. Come to think of it, they probably have. The only difference is that they're wearing suits.

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