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apartment buildings ruin towns

In Connecticut where I grew up there are some very strict rules when it comes to housing. In the town I grew up in, it's illegal to have a trailer within view of the road, and as far as I know the whole state of Connecticut is like that. If you want to put down a trailer, it has to be so many feet back from the road so it can't be seen. The law is in effect to preserve the nature and beauty of the region, and it's a good law. This is why all trailer parks there are very tucked away and hidden. And by the way, nobody has a problem with it either.

Concerning apartment buildings, on the eastern side of CT (I don't know about the western side), residential areas are never mixed with the commercial. It simply doesn't happen. The zones are very clearly defined and separated because everyone knows a mix of the two is absolutely disastrous (just look at New York). Crime goes up, quality of life goes way down, everyone is running into each other all the time, traffic goes crazy, etc. The whole thing is just a very bad idea.

Nobody wants apartment buildings in their town because history has proven time and time again that any apartment building erected as part of a project to increase commerce ultimately fails and goes ghetto. That's why they're called "the projects".

Such is the case with the city of Temple Terrace, Florida, which is threatening to go down this doomed route. The idiots running that town are trying desperately to do a double-doozy that will wreck the area. Not only does the town want to erect new apartment buildings, but also mix commercial right in with the residential. No matter if the apartments are high-rent or low-income rent, it will destroy the entire area. As for how long it will take before the ghetto effect happens, it will be less than 10 years.

Of course when everything is shiny and new, the town will say, "Look at what we made. Isn't this great?" At first it will be. But in a short few years, it will be wrecked.

Residents there are saying very loudly, "DON'T BUILD MORE APARTMENTS! DON'T DO IT!", but the town doesn't listen nor do they care because all they see are dollar signs from having a bunch of new apartment units available. The town is under the fool belief that nothing but nice, responsible people will move in to those new units and do all their shopping locally, but that's exactly what's not going to happen. Instead, an influx of ghetto trash will move in, not buy anything, wreck the apartments and turn the place into a crime-ridden drug-infested warzone. The police will be overrun, the businesses will quickly leave, quality of life goes completely into the toilet, and... ghetto.

And once a place goes ghetto, game over. When the trash moves in, it's next to impossible to get them out and you end up with a miniaturized version of Detroit.

Think the Detroit effect can't happen in Florida? It can. There are already parts of Tampa that are like Detroit, with the only exception that the weather is nicer here.

As for the existing apartment building in Temple Terrace? TRASH. And the town honestly thinks building more is a potential improvement? Seriously?

Once those apartments get built, completed and populated, it's like I said, game over. Another Florida town ruined by greed. Homeowners lose (as always), city wins. Yay.

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