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Ask not for whom the perforations fold

Today I received my last check from my old job. For some reason it arrived in the mail rather than being directly deposited to my checking account. I have no idea why. Whatever. Money is money.

One thing I would like to know is this: Who was the idiot that invented that fold-over with tiny perforations right after the fold thing on checks, anyway?

You know what I'm talking about. You get this envelope in the mail, but it's not really an envelope. First you have to tear off the sides using those little tiny perforations. Then you have to fold open the thing. Then you have to tear off the check on yet another perforated line, BUT, the perforation is two millimeters next to a fold. You can't fold on the perforated line because there's already a fold next to it that's not matched up. So it takes you something like five minutes just to tear it off right little by little. Of course, you have to tear it right, because if you don't, YOU VOID THE CHECK from it being torn.


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