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at least i get outside

Years ago (in my late teens or early twenties, not sure which) I spent an entire day inside and did not go outside once.

When I realized that I didn't set one foot outside that entire day, it bothered me a lot. I had wasted an entire day of my life holed up in the house.

Since then I've made it a point since then to get outside at least once a day. Maybe I'll go out and walk and/or drive around a bit, but I always do something.

Some people claim they get outside every day, but all it entails is getting in the car, going to work, leaving work and going back home.

That doesn't count. I call that a "work bubble". You only go from A to B then back to A again.

Others only go out a night. Maybe they'll go to a bar, club or some other building.

That doesn't count either. You're going from one building (your house) to another building (the bar/club/whatever) then back again. Furthermore, you don't see anything other than other cars and street lights. Doesn't count.

Going outside means purposely doing it just for the sake of doing it and not because you have to.


Today I picked out two parks on Google Earth, plugged 'em in the GPS and headed out in the hopes I'd get some good photos. The first one was labeled as "Bayshore Meadows" and the other "Phillipe".

Bayshore Meadows sucked. It was only one of those local-type things with a baseball field and not much else.

Phillipe was better, but not that much better. It was very well laid out, but not enough to capture any good photos. I did take one photo of a power tower out in the water. Maybe I'll post that later. Other than that there wasn't much else. I will say this would be a good place to fire up the BBQ and relax.

But hey, at least I got outside.

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