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Back to gAIM I go

Here's the thing that sucks about instant messaging: Everyone uses something different. I have people that use Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ. I remember back in the early days of the 'net everyone used ICQ and so did I (I still do).

Well anyway, being that I may get some Yahoo Messenger and MSN contacts coming my way pretty soon, I decided to give gAIM another go. My one big yap about the software was that you couldn't change the font - but then I found out how to do it. It's difficult, but you can do it. You have to manually edit a text file called gtkrc buried deep in a folder. I found it, edited it and now the font is much more to my liking.

Granted, that was a pain in the ass, but gAIM is free to download and use so I suppose I shouldn't yap much about it. It's totally possible that had I found that Windows FAQ before, I never would have switched off of gAIM to begin with.

At least now I have an ad-free messenger that connects all the "big" instant messengers. Hopefully this will work out for a while - I hate switching instant messengers. (grin)

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