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barbershop tags

There are times when YouTube really, really shines. It is so rare but it does happen. This is one of those times.

I found this thing called "babershop tags". This is when one guy (sometimes two) performs all four parts of a barbershop quartet.

The sounds that come from this are nothing short of incredible. And yes, some of it does sound inhuman (as in "There's no way actual people could do this"). Oh trust me, they can.

This guy shows how one is done:

Skip to 1:36 if you want to hear the end result (it's awesome).

Here's another.

And another.

Here's one where it's two guys, one had to be brought in to cover the notes the other couldn't.

Here's a JAZZ version. Nice.

Here's the same guy, doing 8 parts.

To note: Some people hate this one but I like it because it's got a very theatrical/new-age sound to it (the 8-part version) with those crazy chords.

And lastly, what is it called when girls do music like this? It's called a beautyshop instead of a barbershop.

Not many videos of this type on YouTube, sadly.

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