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bits for 18 dec 2008

There was a boo-boo in the RSS feed for this site (redirect issue), fixed. I thought that the feed readers would have updated to the feed location being here on this domain but they didn't (oops). I guess Really Simple Syndication truly means Really Simple and not Really Advanced.

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I sometimes forget that I use certain words and phrases that some completely don't understand when I say them.

"In the can"

Dates back to motion picture film. When the film was done developing and put into film canisters, "in the can" means "done". When you put a film in the can, that's an absolute because you can't "undevelop" the film.

"I would take/pick x any day of the week and twice on Sunday"

X is whatever thing I'm talking about in the positive respect. This is a line borrowed from the movie A Few Good Men.

The line from the scene:

Did I ever tell you that I wrote a paper
on your father in college?


He was one of the best trial lawyers ever.

Yes he was.

And if I were Dawson and Downey and I had
a choice between you or your father to
represent me in this case, I'd take you
any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
You should have seen yourself thunder away
at Kendrick.

Would you put Jessep on the stand?

The full screenplay is here just in case you're interested. 🙂 Lots of good lines in that movie.

"Keep your nose clean"

It amazes me how many people don't know this phrase. It means to stay out of trouble. This phrase is used quite a bit.

"Stay on the Light Side of The Force"

Star Wars reference. It means "to be good". To be evil would be the Dark Side.

If you've got time to kill you can read up on what The Force is all about. I've never read it; I just go by the movies. 🙂

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