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bits for 2 october 2008

Yesterday I mailed out a pack of cigs to the UK, so the favor was finally returned for the pack of John Player Specials I received. Was a little late getting them out but I finally did. Hopefully the package will arrive safely to its destination.

This counts as my first time shipping anything outside of US borders. Yes, I know... not really a big deal but hey it was my first time. 🙂

I have a small cool story to tell about the pack I sent:

What I sent were Djarum menthol cloves. However this is a specialty brand so you rarely find them in convenience stores. I was able to locate this cigar shop just a few miles from where I live. The place looks like an absolute dump on the outside but inside it's pristine. Cool surprise and I really dig the shop.

~ ~ ~

I have been working on a book I call The Forbidden Menga. In a nutshell: The book will have a ton of stuff in it that I don't talk about on my public web site. If you thought I was snarky on my public blog here, ha! You have no idea. 🙂

I don't know how long it's going to be when finished but it's been coming along rather well so far.

On a geeky note, I'm composing the book in an old copy of Microsoft Word 2000 because it has grammar-check. I don't pay too much attention to grammar when I blog publicly but certainly do in printed stuff.

Yes, this book will be print-only and priced a bit high because hey, if you want the good stuff, you're gonna have to pay the piper. 🙂

~ ~ ~

The singer in my band said there were tickets going on sale for AC/DC at the St. Pete Times Forum going on sale this Saturday. However I couldn't find any information for tickets there(?)

Even if they are playing there I don't know if I'm going because it's cash I really don't feel like spending unless I can get some sort of deal.

Maybe I'll go, maybe not.

-- edit --

Found out the info. It's here. The price for the ticket is almost 90 bucks. SCREW THAT.

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