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emailHere's what's been going on in MengaLand...

Right-side reading pane the way to go if using Hotmail.

Just to test it out I purposely set the reading pane to the right side in my Hotmail (see pic). I found that this is actually most most efficient way to have the mail set up.

Having the pane on the right is nothing new as it's been a feature in e-mail clients for many years. But having it in a web-based version of e-mail is still something relatively new, and I gotta say.. I like it.

What makes a right-side reading pane better now compared to then is I've got a much higher screen resolution so it doesn't cut off any of the body of the message.

Give it a try, you may like it.. that is unless you're using Gmail and forced to use that threaded b.s. 🙂

Forwarded mail = spam.

I was getting around 7 to 15 spams a day (which is miraculously low) via my Hotmail but I finally discovered why I was even getting spam at all - forwarded e-mail. I have a few other old e-mail accounts that I purposely had forwarding mail to my primary account. When I inspected the spam coming in I noticed it would always be addressed to one of those forwarding addresses. A-ha. When I stopped the forwards, the spam almost stopped cold. I now get maybe 1 to 2 spams a day now. Not perfect but darn close. 🙂 mentioned (again) in eBay auction.

It would seem that anyone selling a '75 Free Spirit Buick pace car always links to Hey, I'm not complaining. 🙂

However.. what the people who post these cars on eBay don't know is that I sometimes get e-mail directly from prospective buyers to ask my opinion on the auction car and whether it's worth buying or not.

In the latest e-mail I received about an auction I was given a link and I checked it out. The car is a complete hack job. Nice on the outside, a nightmare under the hood (and under the rest of the car). It was just bad news all around. Granted, the guy wasn't asking much for it. The current bid was around $2500 with a "reserve not met" meaning he probably wants at least $4000.

The problem is that the car can never be authentic because the engine was swapped out. No chance of ever having matching numbers. As a collector's item it's worthless.

Yeah, I feel sorry for the seller but hey.. collectors are a picky bunch - myself included. Yes, the seller is being very honest with his eBay auction but sorry to say it's only worth $3000 at best - assuming it's not too much of a hack job underneath (which it is).

I'm sure someone will pick up the car - as long as they're comfortable with the fact it will never be truly authentic and have a lot of cash to throw at it to un-do all the "upgrades" done to it.

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