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bits for 9 sep '08

gps splash screens

Regular readers have obviously spotted my new GPS splash screens being posted. There's a little over 50 of them that are "scheduled" posts, 1 per day. The reason I'm doing it this way is so a) people aren't inundated with a crapload of these posts all at once and b) each screen is dedicated to a specific auto manufacturer so I felt each should have their own page.

These posts may get slightly annoying for some people over time, but there really wasn't any other good way to do it, so.. um.. deal with it. 🙂

in from boston

My sister will be arriving @ TPA from BOS this Thursday and I'll be picking her up in the evening. I expect the airport to be very quiet that day because it happens to land on a specific date. When sis originally booked the flight and she told me about the day of arrival, I said to her "Wow. Nice day you picked to fly." She totally didn't realize the significance of the arrival date. It's one of those things where you can laugh about it with a nervous chuckle, so to speak.

the yellow mug

I have a yellow coffee mug with Homer Simpson on it that I use often. It's size and shape happens to be just right for making my coffee taste right (don't ask me why but it does).

The reason I wanted it originally was because when you think about it, how many coffee mugs do you know of that are completely yellow? This one is. Very distinctive, very different. I like it.

Good mug. 🙂

I should post a photo of it. Maybe I will.


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