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bits for dec 29 ought 7

i believe i ticked off all mactards as we know it

For work I wrote what I thought was just an average opinion about slab computers. You know, the kind that looks like a pizza box like the iMac? Yeah, that one. Dell has a slab called the XPS One and Gateway has their own slab also called the One.

Slab computers, sorry to say, suck. Proprietary throw-away pizza boxes. Slabs are PCs pretending to be a laptops but aren't, i.e. they're all junk.

Well oh my freakin' God did the Mactards come out in force to defend their slab.

They'll probably find out where I live next and force me to use Linux.

The horror. ((shudder))

A different way of using CL

I tried something different this time 'round and posted a total geek-o personals listing.

And hey, wouldn't you know it, I got a few responses.

Kick ass.

Will I get a girlfriend out of it? Eh. I dunno. Time will tell I guess.

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