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bits for mar 7 '08

Here's the short list of things I've been up to:

I've been blogging a bit less than usual because I've been busy with work stuff. Last night I spent a few hours on live cam fielding tech questions for chatters and that was cool. I've also been writing (i.e. blogging) a lot for work as well.

Concerning the hunt for a date, I had a phone conversation with a girl and it didn't last too long. She was a bit on the annoying side because she called me from her car (bad move) and didn't seem too interested in me. That's okay because I wasn't too interested in her either.

Ah well, what ya gonna do.

There's a tornado watch in the Tampa Bay area tonight. Right now I'm writing this from Pop's place, so hopefully on the trip back I won't be swept up in a wind funnel of doom. 🙂

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