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blogs do not need comments anymore

I figured I'd write up a bloggo about this since the day after I did it I got emailed with a "where's your comments?" inquiry, and I'm sure there's more to come, so here's an explanation of why there aren't any comments here anymore.

I have disabled comments on this blog. Mike Shea says that comments aren't necessary on blogs anymore, and my reasons for disabling comments very much agree with his reasoning. But what I'll add to the discussion about this is why I personally did it.

When you really think about it, a blog's comment section is an awful place to start any conversation because it can't be shared out nor connect to anything else.

If someone gets an emotional draw from an article on a blog such as this one, they will post a link to it on their social platform of choice, e.g. "This guy is so right, read this [link here]" or "This guy is a total moron and so wrong, read this [link here]".

Whatever the emotional draw is, the article will get shared out if the reader actually gives enough of a crap about it to do so, and do it with the express intent of starting a conversation. And that conversation will be in a place where people can easily, y'know, converse.

Some final nerdy side notes:

I will at some point ditch WordPress completely in favor of an alternative CMS like Pico (which is a brilliant database-less system, by the way). The only reason I haven't is because I'd have to manually input every single frickin' blog article here into that new system, and that would take a long time to do. Well, that and Pico the last I knew did not have any pagination feature to link from post to post (but maybe it does now.. haven't checked).

The future of blogging is database-less flat-file. It's vastly more secure because there is no database to hack whatsoever, no comment system to exploit, Google ((hearts)) flat-file because it's much easier to index, and so on. But all that means nothing once you discover how stupidly simple it is to use.

For conversation, social media is best for that because it was designed to be social. Blogs need to go back to being just journals with no comments.


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