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break 'em up

As a videographer I deal with big frickin' files. Whether it's AVI or MPEG, they're just huge. Backing these files up is a pain in the ass.

I decided to give 7-Zip a try because it supposedly makes multi-file archives easily, as in the kind where you can take big files and "break them up" into smaller ones.

The result: Yes, it works.

I broke up 12 gigs of video data into 19 files, each of which is a CD's size. And yes that means I am burning 19 CD's. Why CD's and not DVD's? Because I have a crapload of blank CD's I bought and I might as well put them to good use. Blank DVD's are expensive, don'cha know. 😉

It will be nice to get that hard drive space back once I'm done.

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