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Changed socks again

Yeah, I changed the look of my site.. again. (grin)

Reason? Well, this widescreen display laptop makes my site look like absolute ass when it's stuck "in a box" at 760 pixels wide. So... I made it full screen again. Actually, I took it a bit further. I removed a lot of font stylings. In my last article I said how much I missed how web sites used to look back in the day. I also missed how easy they were to use. So I sez to myself "Well, why not?", so here is the result: A back-to-basics site. Text driven to the extreme. Fancy schmancy looks be damned. Graphics? Gone. Background? Gone. Text? Yep, we got that aplenty. (grin)

Looks great on my widescreen. I also tested it on a "normal" display and it looks cool there, too. So I guess I'll stick with this one for a while. Or not. (hehe)

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