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Cool station wagons

I came across and noticed some wagons I actually wouldn't mind owning. Dare I say, some look quite cool. Here are a few:

1995 Aston Martin Virage
Sweeping lines, nice wheels.

Custom 1955 Chevy Nomad
Looks like something Satan would drive. I like it.

1999 Chevy Nomad Concept Car
Another Nomad in modern form. Very cool looking.

And the ugly prize goes to...

1970 Cadillac El Dorado
Holy CRAP was this car beaten by the ugly stick at the design board. Super-thick whitewalls, gold color (Caddy's, in any form, are not meant for gold,) side marker lights that are at least a foot long, doors that go halfway into Montana, you name it - this beast has it. 1st runner-up is a 1975 Chrysler Town & Country.. BLEAH...

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