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Custom Squier guitars worth owning


I like the fact this exists.

Above is a Squier Affinity Strat with, obviously, a custom paint job. It's selling for cheap. The same guy who's selling this one also has a blue version. And he also has the old Starcaster Strat (not the current Starcaster which is totally different) in pink with blue dots.

Why is one of these worth owning? The paint is definitely a reason, but it's also the fact that aside from the art, the guitar is basically stock. And this is exactly what you want because if you're good at guitar setup and electronics but bad at paint, this is exactly the kind of thing you go for.

Another reason to grab something like this is that it is highly unlikely you ever would have come up with the idea to customize a guitar this way. Anybody can drop in a set of pickups, swap out tuners or whatever. But to do art like this is a completely different animal.

Yet another reason to grab this guitar is that it's usable art. Use it, beat it up, play the guitar, have fun. That's what it's all about. And if you want to mod the guitar further, go right ahead because it's already customized anyway.

I'm half tempted to buy this myself.

Published 2023 Nov 7

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