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dee em vee

I could've sworn I posted this earlier but I guess I closed the window before I mashed "Save" to publish it. Whatever.

Due to my recent episode with the FL fuzz I decided to trot on down to the DMV (a.k.a. HSMV) to get tags for my truck. Before I left I called up and asked what I needed to bring.

1. Florida driver's license.


2. Proof of Florida auto insurance.


3. Current vehicle registration (even if out of state).


4. Lien holder's name, address, phone, fax and acct number.


(Side note: If I wasn't making vehicle payments all I would have needed is the title instead of the lien holder's info.)

I had everything needed so off I went.

At the DMV I signed in and waited for my number to be called which took about ten minutes. When my number came up I went to the desk, provided all my information, and just as the clerk was about to enter my vehicle into the system....

The system goes down. For the whole office.


I was told to wait to see if the system would come up, so I grabbed a seat and waited for fifteen minutes. Then a DMV employee announced that the entire system would be down all day.


So... I grabbed my paperwork and left. I'll get it done next time. The DMV employee manning the desk was genuinely apologetic, and I understood because there was nothing he could really do if the system didn't work.

I am assuming the system will be fixed so I can get my tags and sticker next time I go (which will be @ 8am today).

I wasn't all that ticked off about it really because in all honesty the Florida DMV (for Hillsborough County at least) is quite speedy and everyone there was nice to me.

For my next entry here I should have brandy new FL tags. Can't you tell I'm excited? No? You'd be right because they're just tags. 🙂 However, it will solidify me as a true-blue FL resident, so I guess that means something.

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