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dis 'n' dat

Shades of the North

BEHOLD.. the only Aquaboggan YouTube video in existence!

Crappy commercial? Yes. But then again it is coming from Maine where television production is, shall we say, not exactly high budget.

I honestly have no clue how water parks in New England make money because they're closed for seven months out of the year.

Florida's theme parks usually only close off a section during the winter season. Busch Gardens Africa (the one near me) has a sign next to Adventure Island that says "Closed for the season", so I assume part of the park is still open. Disney and Universal Studios stay open all year to the best of my knowledge.

At the time I write this it's 2pm.

In Tampa it's a lovely 82° F.

At the stomping grounds it's 32.9°. Yep. Point nine degrees above freezing. Oh joy. (heh)

. . .

I knew going to buy anything on Black Friday was a mistake

Yesterday I ventured out to purchase a new 22-inch Acer computer monitor from CompUSA. Their online site said they had plenty in stock, but when I arrived - JUST ONE HOUR LATER - they had none.

So I didn't buy it. Fuggit.

. . .

More "guitar experts" on YouTube

Some idiot commented on one of my guitar videos (playing my red Strat), said I should step up to the "real thing" and started spewing garbage about woods in guitars, tones and other techno-b.s.

I commented back and called him an idiot. (heh)

Here's what I've come to learn about guitars:

It doesn't matter what the wood(s) are nor does it matter what hardware is in it. If it sounds good that's all that matters. "Guitar experts" can spew bile all day long about woods, pickups, hardware, blah blah blah.. and it means absolutely nothing.

Anyone can take any guitar and make it sound good if they know how to play it. Set. Point. Match.

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