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don't be a mactard

Alesis Fusion owners like myself all use computers. We "tie" the synth to whatever we're using via USB and/or MIDI. Some guys use Macs, other guys use Windows. We never at any time argue about what the better OS is. Ever. Why? Because we're too busy making music and doing cool stuff with our synths and computers. And moreover we converse like adults whether we play professionally or as a hobby.

This is one of the reasons I hold the Fusion community in very high regard.

But then there are Mactards. Fortunately there are no Mactards in the Fusion community whatsoever. There are Mac users, but no Mactards - and yes, there's a big difference.

Urban Dictionary has the best definition of a Mactard, which contains:

An Apple computer user who takes any opportunity to advertise to the world they are 'better' than everyone else because they use a mac, even if this statement has nothing to do with the current conversation.

This is absolutely 100% true. A Mactard is the most annoying computer user on the planet. They absolutely cannot shut their yaps. Not only will they brag about their Macs constantly, but also consider themselves to be "better" than you just because of the computer they own.

Linux guys at least know when to shut up. And speaking of which, at least you can try Linux (which I have) without BUYING A SEPARATE COMPUTER - FOR FREE. Can't do that with OS X.

Don't be a Mactard.

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