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Don't ever buy batteries from a store

AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries (8-Pack)

If you buy batteries from a store, you're stupid, and I'll tell you why.

Most of the time, the absolute cheapest price you will find for a 9-volt battery in America is about $5 for two of them, meaning $2.50 a pop. And that's for really, really awful batteries.

The above 8-pack of 9-volt batteries? 10 bucks (you'll see several buying choices on that link,) which translates to $0.80 per battery. That's what they should cost.

If you run guitar pedals, you use 9-volt batteries. DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT buy these from a store. Don't do it. There is absolutely no such thing as a good deal on batteries for any store you go to. It doesn't exist. Don't even bother looking around. Buy online.

For AA and AAA batteries, you get ripped off in the store there too. A 24-pack of AA batteries is under 12 bucks. Yes, that's 24 batteries. A 24-pack of AAAs? Under 10 bucks. Tell me any store where you can get them for the top name brand I have linked for that price. You can't, because stores can't sell them for that cheap. You wanted batteries for your remote controls and anything else that uses AA or AAA? There you go.

For you idiots that say, "Tee-hee! I use rechargeables and save tons of money!", how wrong you are. You only get about 5 or 6 charges out of them before battery life starts dropping like a brick. In other words, you got had. You spent way too much on them only to get screwed. Don't get screwed again. Just buy the alkaline batteries, get them as cheap as you can from the links above.

Actually, wait, don't. I'll give you a deal you absolutely cannot match no matter how hard you look. 48 AA batteries for under 15 bucks. Name brand at 29 cents a battery. Top that. You can't. Want AAAs in a 48 pack? Under 18 bucks. Slightly more, but still an unbeatable price. For most people that's more than a year's worth for your TV remotes, game remotes, flashlights and whatever else you use that takes AA or AAAs.

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