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end-of-year internet housecleaning

Facebook recently updated their privacy settings for users of the system, and that can only mean one thing. Whenever a privacy system is improved, it means there was a privacy problem before, and there will be problems in the future.

I'm keeping my Facebook account for now, but did some major housecleaning per the content I posted there.

You would not believe how much of a pain in the neck it is to go through all your wall posts. If you have only 100 or so, you're okay. But for anything beyond that, you'd better not have anything else running but your browser because you'll need the extra memory. After around 150 wall posts, you'll click "Older Posts" at the bottom for the next batch and the site will take a good long time before responding. Oh, and let's not forget, you can't mass-delete anything.

Let me describe to you what mass-deleting is before continuing:

You're using your email. In your inbox is a bunch of mail you want to delete. You check off each one you want gone, then hit the delete button, and ta-da, done. Simple and easy. No hassle involved whatsoever.

There is no way to do this with wall posts in Facebook. Or with photos. Or with videos.

For each of those items you want to delete, it must be done manually one-by-one.

Concerning wall posts in particular you want to selectively delete, you'd better put the kettle on because you'll be spending hours doing it if you have a ton of them (like I did).

As far as my housecleaning was concerned, there was nothing on my Facebook wall that was embarrassing or anything like that, but I did delete a good chunk of the Twitter-to-Facebook posts (a lot of them were worthless and followed along with Twitter conversations that weren't in Facebook at all), and also whacked the ones some would consider rude or insulting, etc.

In other words, I "converted" my Facebook account into something that's family-friendly approved.

Did I have to do this? No. Was anybody complaining to me about what I was posting? No. It was just something I felt needed to be done. I consider it preventative maintenance. 🙂

It's also most likely true I won't be posting updates to Facebook much anymore, if at all. My blog posts will still feed in however.


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