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I recently decided that now is the time to start playing with other musicians again, so I posted an ad on a local internet message board stating I was on the hunt (or as the older generation would say, "getting the feelers out.")

In my listing I posted some of the YouTube vids of me playing and that apparently helped out a great deal. I've received a few responses. One of them decided I didn't exactly fit the style they were looking for (and that's fine, at least he was honest,) but I'll be visiting some guys later today in St. Petersburg. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't.

This is the first time I'll be playing with any musicians in Florida since moving here. For those keeping score, that's almost 1½ years ago.

Why so long? First, I wanted to get settled in FL. Second, I absolutely didn't want to deal with band drama the moment I set foot in the Sunshine State. Lastly, it took my brain a while to figure out that I live in a big town so the Rule of Default doesn't apply anymore.

And just what is the Rule of Default?

It means that if you live in a small town, you will inevitably play with the same idiots in the same band you did before by default. Why? Because there's no one else around (or at least no one within a reasonable driving distance.)

Here's a better explanation:

You know the six degrees of separation thing? That can be brought down to two degrees or even one with small-town bands. If there are five bands in the area with four members apiece (for a total of 20 people,) each one of them has played in each those five bands at least once. The default happens when the cycle completes and they eventually all get back into their original lineups playing the same crappy music they did before.

Side note: Every one of these bands always labels the original lineup as a reunion and bills shows as such. The problem with this is first that it's not a reunion; it's the Rule of Default. Second, no one remembers the original lineup and third, no one gives a crap.

So anyway, like I said that rule doesn't apply anymore. The guys I'll be jamming with later today are totally new. I have never met any of them before.

Said honestly, I'm not really nervous about it. I've got the chops to hold my own so I don't worry about trying to impress anyone. What I'm trying to accomplish is just to get out there, play, and have fun doing it.

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