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for many hours and days that pass ever soon

Title of this entry comes from a lyric that's part of a song with a cool synth in it.


I went to see Pop in Inverness earlier today. He will be staying at a hotel this evening, close on the house tomorrow and then begin the move-in process. I will be going again tomorrow to help unpack stuff.

Pop is well and in good spirits, which is a lot better than they way he was just a few months ago.

True to form, I ticked off my sister at least once by some remark I made (it was nothing Earth-shattering, not to worry). I try like heck every time I'm around her not to say anything that would rile her up, but to no avail. I could probably say the word "cheeseburger" and she'd find some way to get offended by that. She's family, I love her (no, not that way you perv) but at times it's very difficult to have a conversation with her. And yes, she says the same thing about me.

So everything's normal in that respect I suppose. 😉


Last night I chatted with a good friend back in CT, Stephanie. She may be only 24 but has lots of life experience already. I can speak with her as if she's the same age as me. We shot the breeze for about an hour. She's back in CT after being in New Mexico for a while. Whether that's a permanent thing I don't know. But she said she'd love to be here where I am, because after all, Florida rocks your socks.


Another girl I know in CT has a private LJ blog where I'm allowed reading priviledges. She wrote something really cool (and if she sees this, I only quote it because it's awesome how you wrote it):

My brain goes so damned fast sometimes I can't keep up. There's just too much trying to process at the same time. I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to pull up to the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru and ask for a pack of Salem Slim Light 100s - or get to the counter at CVS to pick up my prescriptions and ask for a large light and sweet - or accidentally call everyone by a certain name that constantly echoes through my brain. It's to the point where I literally have to pause and think about what I'm going to say before I allow words to come out of my mouth.

This, dear readers, is just a small insight into how a girl thinks.

I'll tell you why it's significant.

Men think of one to four things at a time.

Women on the other hand can have as many as eight "voices" running around in their head at any given time. All at once.

Yeah. For real.

Sometimes what happens in a girl's mind is what you just read above. Girls always explain this as their brain "running too fast". Usually they just pick a voice to listen to and follow through with that one, but there are some instances when all the voices are trying to speak up at once, and it's tough to get just one thought out of the barn without another colliding into it so-to-speak.

To me it's fascinating.

For girls it's just a pain in the ass. 😉 And from what I understand no girl is immune to it. It's just hard for me to believe that a girl's mind never "shuts up" until they fall asleep, but most times their brains are "always on".

That would drive me insane. Guess it's just something you get used to if you're of the female persuasion?


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