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Four-wheeled road kill

Now that the warmer weather is upon us (hopefully to stay for a while), sport car and truck enthusiasts are appearing on the roads. Lots of Mustangs, 'Vettes, imports and so on. I can totally understand why. This winter has beat the crap out of everyone and the sport car/truck owners are dying to get their cool rides out on the road. All of us have dealt with this winter far too long.

The unwritten rule of owning a cool ride is simple to understand if it hasn't been on the road all winter. The rule is "check your ride". Sounds simple, right? Well, there are those who forget that part. They think that if a vehicle has been off the road for several months, you can just hop in when the weather gets better and head on out.


I saw four "fair weather only" vehicles on the side of the road today. Two while going to werk, two going back. One was an import, two compact domestic cars, and one full size (and quite nice looking) truck. Every vehicle was different. Every vehicle looked great. Every vehicle was on the side of the road not running.

If you got a fair-weather vehicle that hasn't been running for a while, check the damn thing before taking it out. This is not hard to do. Take a weekend, run it in the driveway for a while, check for loose cables, hoses, whatever.. then test drive it around your neighborhood. If it breaks, at least you can get it back to the house without costing you an arm and a leg.

For the poor souls that let itchy feet get the best of them, they will be paying monster tow bills because they didn't check their rides first. Don't let this happen to you. (grin)

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