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give in to the dark side

I said before that I wasn't going to blab on about the technical crap on this site unless I had a really significant change. Well, this one is significant.

I felt the urge to change 'round the look of this site so I did so. Very different, yet still the same (ooh ahh). Decided to go with a subdued color schema. Don't know how long it's going to stick around for, but I like it - and that's what counts. (grin)

Technically speaking this is what has happened here:

1. This site is no longer 800x600 friendly. Those using that ancient resolution will see a nice horizontal scroll bar on the bottom. If that's the case, um.. it's time to upgrade your computer. Or at least get a new monitor.

2. Everything is on the left instead of the center.

3. The background graphic now resizes with the rest of the site when you do the Ctrl + thing in Firefox.

4. Fonts have changed around a bit. I 86'd Verdana in favor of Arial because I like the look of it on a dark background.

That's about it.

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