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Going to give TypeKey a go

Although I'm not too fond of having my web site go through another web site just to post a comment, I've decided to give TypeKey a try.

First of all, since I upgraded from MovableType 2.661 to 3.16, it was a SEVERE pain in the pass just to get the damn thing working.. mainly due to the fact that you really have to DIG on the internet just to find the information necessary to get the thing to work right.

On the TypeKey end: Possibly the most annoying thing about TypeKey is simply GETTING STARTED right after you register. There's a part on your TypeKey account that allows you to put the URL of your blog to enable it. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. Nowhere does it state that you have to put the ENTIRE PATH to your .cgi comment perl script to get it to WORK. So your URL would not be www.[yoursite].com. It would be http://www.[yoursite].com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-comments.cgi. And ya know it would be NICE IF SOMEONE AT TYPEKEY PUT THIS LITTLE NOTE IN THERE. I had to Google about 20 different sites before I found this out.

On the MovableType end: To get that stupid little TypeKey image thing to actually appear with a link, it involves adding one tag called MTCommentAuthorIdentity. Is this anywhere in the documentation? Nope. Not that I could find. The only way I found this was by literally creating another blog and then heading to the template to see the code - then I spotted it. Okay, good - got that done. Then that ever-lovin' BORDER started appearing on all the Typekey links. Once again I headed to my test blog to see that code. It's in the CSS and it's called .commenter-profile img. If you add the code to your CSS file to read:

.commenter-profile img {border-width: 0;} will get rid of the border.

I also found out the hard way to not use "manual" form links. Fortunately this was easy. Instead of all the form code in the templates, I just used MTCommentFields. Worked great and it didn't screw up my templates at all.


Probably the best thing about TypeKey is that it's really easy to SHUT OFF in case it annoys you too much. In case this doesn't work out I will be shutting it off and then try to find a way to get phpBB to integrate with MT instead for all comments.

And I'll tell ya, I would pay GOOD MONEY for a programmer that could make phpBB the primary comment system for MovableType. This way I could keep everything here and not worry about if TypeKey goes down for whatever reason. Maybe this will happen in the future..? I hope it does.

-- edit --

Looks like I don't have to pay money, a way to make phpBB as the comment engine for MT does exist - but it doesn't work with 3.16 - I tried. One wonders if I have to go back to MT 2.661.. (groan..)

-- edit --

After messing around I was able to get the phpBB thing to work.. YES! I will eventually push this blog over to that. It'll be done by tonight or tomorrow.


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