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her timing could not have been better

Today I went to the mall in search some DVDs to buy for my collection. Alas, none of what I wanted was there at f.y.e. (as usual).

I get back home and check the mail. There's a package from Angela (late Christmas present), so I open it up, and...

Two movies. Cannonball Run II and The Gumball Rally.

I literally said "YESSSssss!" when I opened it.

I have been wanting both these movies for a few years now. And oh wow what a cool thing it was to receive both - AT THE SAME TIME - on a day when I was specifically looking for them.

I mean.. seriously.. what are the odds of that.

Angela wins Cool Girl of The Year award. This title was previously held by Brooke who bought me You Must Be This Tall - another flick I really really wanted that she sent me. And before that it was Kat (a.k.a. the Barb of many flavors who is a Stevie Nicks fangirl extreme) for sending me the Leaves of Lorien (which I still have).

To note, I don't give out the Cool Girl of The Year award to just any girl. It is only awarded to girls who really go the extra mile to put a smile on my face - without me asking for it. These are girls that know me, know what I like and act on it.

For '09, it's Angela. YOU SO ROCK. 🙂

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