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how i manage to survive on youtube

I have no shame in admitting that I watch YouTube videos quite a bit. After all, I don't watch television whatsoever. I don't even have a cable TV subscription. Instead of polluting my brain with television, I pollute it with YouTube.

It is well known that YouTube has the worst community on the internet. Nothing comes close to how unbelievably bad it is. The only reasons why people post to YouTube are:

  1. It's the easiest of the lot to upload to (best interface).
  2. It's the most known.
  3. It's the easiest to make money with, although I don't use it for that purpose.

To note, Vimeo is ten times better than YouTube and always has been. If you can't deal with the stupidity that is YouTube, use Vimeo instead. The only real drawback is you don't get as much traffic.

Anyway, I post videos to my channel once in a while. My post frequency is usually once a week or sometimes more if I feel like it.

It is required to have a very thick skin to use YouTube, because it's guaranteed someone will tick you off, usually on a daily basis once you start getting views on your vids. This is because the entire site is littered with what they call "haters".

Because of haters, I have a very specific way of doing comments. It's a mix of allow-all, moderated and disabled. The bulk of them are moderated-only. The way in which YouTube does moderated comments is awesome because the commenter isn't aware of it. Nobody can tell the difference between an allow-all and a moderated-only vid; they both look the same.

Over the course of 2009 is when a lot of YouTube users decided to abandon the site, never to return. I almost did that in 2008, but decided not stick around and continue to use it.

I've discovered an unintentional perk of staying on YouTube. Due to so many other people abandoning the site, my videos now get more views than they ever did before.

What's happening now with YouTube is that more people are using the site, but less people are posting content. This means that for anybody that has the balls to post videos and deal with the haters, you're pretty much guaranteed to get some traffic whereas you didn't before.

Funny how that all works. 🙂

How to "survive" YouTube is easy. There are basically six ways of doing it.

  1. Never allow comments.
  2. Moderate all comments.
  3. Allow all comments.
  4. Use a mix of not-allowed/moderated/allowed.
  5. Friends-only comments allowed.
  6. Use a mix of not-allowed/moderated/allowed/friends-only.

I opt for #4 as I mentioned above because it seems to work the best. I don't really care about YouTube's whole "friends" system because it does serve you any real gain view-wise. Even though this is true I still approve all YouTube friend requests because if somebody took the time to actually make the request, I might as well be kind and approve it.

If you go with #3, which is the default choice, that is the one where you need the thickest skin. You have to understand there will be "FIRST!!" posters, there will be people who will tell you to "go and die", there will be those that post the most idiotic stuff imaginable, and so on.

Is it sad that YouTube is like it is? Yes. It used to be a vibrant community and could have served as a model of the internet as its best. But it's not. It's the worst.

This is because anything Google touches turns to absolute crap in short order. And because YouTube is a white elephant, they couldn't care less about the users of the system.


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