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how to quit smoking without going insane

The following is 100% free information which I'm sure any smoker will appreciate.

I do smoke cigarettes and haven't done this yet (but intend to very soon.)

Okay.. quitting smoking 101. Here we go.

Tools needed:

How to quit:

  1. Count how many cigarettes you smoke a day and do this for an entire week. Each day will be different. Some days you will smoke heavier and some lighter. Start on Monday and end on Sunday. In your notepad, mark each time you light up whether you finish the cigarette or not. Smoke as you normally do.
  2. At the end of the week, look at how many you smoked each day and note the day you smoked the most. Remember the number for that day. For sake of example, let's say the number was 50 (2½ packs).
  3. Each week, subtract one cigarette. Using the example above, do not smoke more than 49 cigarettes each day your first week. For the next week, do not smoke more than 48 per day, and so on and so forth. Being that your target is only one off of your heaviest day, the goal is very easy to accomplish.
  4. Continue doing this until you quit completely.

Yes, it is that easy. It just takes a while.

Using this method weans you off the nicotine and the psychological need to hold a cigarette in your hand (a fact most never mention) in a slow and calm way. At no time will you be lashing out at anyone while having a "nic fit" because there won't be any. You also will not gain weight. You won't lose any either, but at least you won't pack on the pounds (something very typical to those who go "cold turkey.")

In addition, the likelihood of you starting smoking again is very slim if you quit slowly as outlined above, mainly due to the fact you are "programming" yourself to quit rather than fighting cravings.

If you smoke two packs a day, it will take you 40 weeks (10 months) to quit.

If you smoke 1½ packs a day, it will take you 30 weeks (7½ months) to quit.

If you smoke 1 pack a day, it will take you 20 weeks (5 months) to quit.

If you want to cut that time in half for any of the above, subtract two cigarettes per day each week instead of one. If you want to kick start your quitting, I don't suggest cutting more than 5 cigs a day per week because that will be a bit difficult.

Remember: Even the heaviest smoker can subtract one cigarette per day each week.

The only thing that's a pain in the ass about doing this is the counting. You must keep that little notepad with you at all times and must mark in the pad each time you light up so you don't lose track. It requires effort and only the tiniest bit of stamina. And it sure beats quitting any other way because you're doing it on your terms and not anyone else's.

As said above, the toughest part is marking on the pad every time you light up.

Did I mention this is all free advice?

If you smoke, the next step is yours. If you can say to yourself "Yes, I want to quit" and believe what you're saying, then you're ready.

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