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in other countries i'm a hot guy

Last night I chatted with a girl from Russia and she was, in all honesty, wonderful. She thought I looked good, too. And yes she was pretty. We chatted about this'n'that; nothing special. Just regular conversation. She sent me a photo, I sent mine, etc.

I want to make note of this for a moment: Girls from other countries totally do not mind sending photos of themselves. I'm talking about just regular ol' run-of-the-mill photos and not anything suggestive. It's really nice to get them. I always return the favor by sending photos of me back, again just regular photos of myself (usually ones from this web site.)

If you dare try to get a photo of a USA girl, they instantly get paranoid. Either they'll send a pic that's not them or not at all. Very annoying.

There is an honesty to international girl-chatting that's very appealing. Girls on chat from other lands are friendlier, more passive and just more outright more friendly.

And they always chat me first. 🙂 That's the cool part.


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