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instant messenger EXPLOSION

Here's something I bet you didn't know: Did you know you can't delete an AIM account? It's true. Once you sign up for one, it's there forever. I have 8 of them that I know of. Who knows, there may be more. I've been using the internet a long time and you rack up these things. You can delete MSN, Google and Yahoo accounts, but not AIM.

A while back I started using a password manager (which I highly recommend to keep track of your crap) and put every single account I've ever signed up for in there that I could remember. It includes a lot of IM accounts. I swear, if I didn't use a password manager I would have forgotten about all these IMs I have.

For kicks yesterday I started using Trillian again. I had the thought of, "I wonder what would happen if I put all my IM accounts in here? Will it work or crash and burn at having so many accounts logged in at once?"

So I put them all in. All the AIMs, Yahoos, MSNs and so on. The grand total: 23. Yes, 23 IM accounts.

Here's all the MSN and AIM accounts:



Ridiculous? Yes. I just wanted to see if it could be done.

On first attempt to connect all these at once, it crashed. 🙂 But on second attempt it actually worked and seems to be holding steady.

The funny part about this is that a few people over the years have a bunch of my accounts in their IM, so now all of a sudden I'll show online 5 or more times on their end, heh. 🙂

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